Our Best Wedding Decisions ~ A Small Wedding

Ryan and I aren't really what you would call "spotlight" people. So the thought of being the center of attention for an entire day was kind of overwhelming. Especially since most of the weddings we attend include 200-300 guests. There's nothing wrong with inviting everyone you know and love, and everyone your parents know and love, and everyone who has watched you grow up. And don't forget everyone in your family! So after one quick look at our everyone list, which included 3 churches, 2 extended families, and all of our college and high school friends (thank goodness most of our friends overlapped!), we decided to have a small wedding. 

 Our initial number was 80. And like any bride and groom, we struggled keeping a reign on the guest list. It went up and back down and back up again. In the end I think we invited about 130, knowing a bunch of our out of town friends and family wouldn't be able to make it. And lo and behold, on the day of the wedding, we had about 80 guests in attendance.

All our loved ones fit into a small room for the ceremony (because as much as I love outdoor weddings, I knew I was too obsessive compulsive about the weather to have one of my own and definitely not in JULY), and we were able to talk with everyone at the reception.

And it was perfect. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

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Wedding image credits to Rebecca Franklin Photography