Happy Anniversary, Love!

Happy anniversary, Ryan!

Thank you for loving me when I'm not lovable. For fixing the things that I break. For keeping me calm when I'm freaking out. For putting up with my mediocre cooking on work nights. For encouraging me when I'm down. For holding me when I just need to cry.

Thank you for listening when I need to talk... and talk... and talk. For helping me brainstorm and for coming up with better ideas than I would have thought up. For being the one to get off the couch and get me a drink when I'm all cozy and don't want to move. 

Thank you for always being true to the promises we made two years ago:

I promise to be your constant friend, to respect, comfort, and encourage you, to laugh and cry with you, to grow with you in mind and spirit, to always be open and honest with you, and to be faithful to you in all things until death alone brings our separation.

This is my sacred promise.

I love you!

Image credit to Rebecca Franklin Photography