Our Best Wedding Decisions ~ A Photo Booth

I've already covered why we chose to have a small wedding and to do a first look, and today I wanted to talk about another great wedding decision we made: having a photo booth. There are a bunch of amazing reasons to have a photo booth, but here are my top reasons:

Photo booths are fun. Duh! You get amazing pictures like this!

 I think this one was a light testing shot. That might explain why weren't not in the middle.

Having a photo booth allowed us to get pictures of almost all of our guests. Our photographers were fabulous, but there were only two of them, so obviously they couldn't be everywhere at once. And the photographer's job on the wedding day is to focus on the bride and groom. But having one photographer run the photo booth allowed for memorable pictures of many of our guests.

Recognize these cuties? I just shot their wedding!

A photo booth is something for your guests to get excited about! Not everyone likes to dance and there are some weird people who don't like cake, but just about everybody likes a photo booth! So when there's a bit of a lull in the reception or they're waiting for the cake to be served, they can hop in the photo booth with their friends.

Photo booths don't have to be super expensive. Obviously renting an actual booth that prints out photo strips is an amazing option and the photo strips make great favors for your guests. But the 2nd shooter at my wedding did an awesome job with an umbrella light and a backdrop. And we shared the link to the pictures with all of our guests, so they could get a copy of their photos.

I may have gone a little overboard with the timeline and the little yellow books I gave everyone.

Yeah, just a little. But if you can move past everyone's loving reactions to my careful planning, you'll see that we just snagged a corner to set up the backdrop. Obviously a huge group like this doesn't fit, but it's perfect for a group of 6 or less.

All that to say, if you have the option to add a photo booth, do it! It will be a great addition to your wedding photography collection.

And again, photo credit to the amazing Rebecca Franklin Photography.