4 Dates for $40 ~ Part Deux

I'm back with four more date nights! Two are definitely spring/summer oriented, but two of these can be done anytime! Maybe after a few more date night posts I should make a master list of anytime date nights for that winter slump time. Anyway, here are the date ideas.

Date idea #1: Blackberry picking

Cost: About $12 for 6 pounds of berries

Ryan and I like blackberry picking better than strawberry picking, because there's no bending over involved. Just wander down the rows of bushes and pick anything that is dark black, looks really puffy, and pops right of when you pick it. Yum!

Date idea #2: Go halfsies on Chinese food.

Cost: $9

The servings are always way too much for me and 2nd day Chinese food isn't anywhere near as tasty, so Ryan and I have been splitting one dish of General Tso's. With chopsticks of course.

Date idea #3: Plant an herb garden

Cost: $12 for 3 plants and some topsoil

We gave our herb garden attempt a round two this year. And it certainly turned out better than last year, although something is nibbling at my basil. And next year I'll want several more basil plants. My parsley is growing like a little weed, but I will never have enough basil for pesto with the rate that one plant is growing.

Date idea #4: Macarons at Terebinth

Cost: $6.75 for 4 macarons

Every time we go to Greenbrier I want to run into Terebinth for a few macarons. They're amazingly delicious! (And if it's your first time there, you get a free one!) Ryan loves them too and refers to them as hamburgers. (Said with the Pink Panther accent of course!) Give them a try. You definitely won't regret it. And you'll probably have a hard time narrowing it down to just four flavors.