What is Lifestyle Photography?

Some of you may have noticed that I'm now referring to my family photo sessions as lifestyle family sessions. "Lifestyle" photography can mean a couple of different things, depending on the photographer's personal angle.

But this is what lifestyle photography means to me:

-Focusing on the candid shots instead of the posed

-Capturing your family interacting with each other so you see real emotions, not plastered smiles

-Building the shoot around a fun family activity so the kids are excited and enjoy themselves

-Recording your family history, the way it is right now

Children don't always like having their picture taken. In fact, many of them hate it. And if the kids show up to the shoot in a bad mood, there's not a whole lot that you can do to change that. But when you focus on a fun family activity, whether it's walking the dog or having a tea party, it takes the kids' attention off of the camera and allows them to loosen up and have fun.

By making the session a little more like everyday life, I find that it takes the pressure off and the children enjoy themselves much more. When the focus is on having fun as a family, the children will smile and laugh without prodding or coaxing, so it's a less frustrating process all around!

We'll still do a couple posed shots. We'll still do the cute coordinating outfits. We'll still choose a pretty outdoor location (unless you want to bake cookies, obviously). But instead of dragging your kids to the photo session kicking and screaming, they'll be excited for a fun day at the park.

And the activity you choose for your family photo session doesn't have to be complicated. S

omething simple, like building sandcastles or reading a story together works just as well as something with a little more planning and detail like a picnic or a tea party.

I've compiled a list of activities that would be perfect for a lifestyle family session on Pinterest.

Lifestyle photography sounds perfect for your family? Contact me here to book a session!