Sweet Tooth ~ Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Monday night I was scrambling for a recipe. I had purchased the wrong ingredient for the dessert I had picked out, so I was back to square one. At 9:30 pm. With whatever ingredients I had on hand.

And then I found these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. Simple recipe with basic ingredients? Yes please!

First you whip up your ingredients. It makes a really thick dough, so it's easy to handle (although still a tad messy.)

Roll the dough into balls and then coat with powdered sugar.

Pop them on a greased cookie sheet. Don't they look yummy already?

(Side note: they don't spread as much as I was expecting so you can actually put them much closer together.)

And here's the before and after! See how they crack up all beautifully! It's hard to make an ugly cookie!

Want to know the best part? These cookies taste like little brownies! Yum! And they're way prettier than brownies.

You need to make these! So follow the link over to William Sonoma and try out their Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.