Engagement Photos ~ Why All the Fuss? Part One

I've talked about engagement photos before, but today I wanted to cover one of the biggest reasons I think engagement sessions are important (and why they're a permanent part of my wedding packages).

Getting comfortable in front of the camera.

The photos taken during the first 5 minutes of every photo session are going to look a bit awkward. A bit staged. Maybe even the first 20 minutes. It depends on the couple and how quickly I put them at ease. That's why I don't start in my favorite spot with my favorite posing idea. I know I probably won't deliver these first images and that's ok. It's a warmup.

Now fast forward to the wedding day. I'm lucky if I get more than 30 minutes of portraits with a bride and groom. If this is the first time they've been in front of a camera in years, things are going to be a bit awkward. And we don't have time for awkward.

That's what the engagement shoot is for. During the engagement shoot we can all get comfortable together. I have time to explain that my goal is for them to have fun and to love on each other. That there's no pressure. I don't expect them to act like models or to know what to do with their hands. That's my job.

And the engagement session helps me too. Every couple is different. They interact differently. They express their love differently. And not every pose works for every couple. A lot of my favorite poses rely on certain height ratios between the two people, so the engagement session gives me an opportunity to work out what poses and ideas will work best with that couple.

When I have the opportunity to do an engagement session with my couples before the big day, I can go into the wedding day portrait time with confidence, because I have a plan. I know what works for my couple and I know they're ready.

Pop back in next week for the 2nd biggest reason every bride and groom should do an engagement session.