6 Things You Can Learn About Me From Instagram

I love to bake more than I love to cook.

I like hashtags - I'm trying not to go too crazy with them, but I especially love categorizing my shots with unique labels. You can follow my crochet projects (#caitlincrochets), my cute hubby shots (#mrfancybusinessman), my photography (#caitlingerresphotography), and my not-so-beautiful kitchen creations (#myfoodisntprettybutittastesgood).

I love food - at least a fourth of my shots are of food.

I take a lot of my food pictures on my kitchen table - It's the spot with the best light!

I have yet to conquer the selfie - I rarely take phone pictures of myself, so my face won't show up on Instagram that often. (I'm trying to work on that!)

I'm not afraid to Instagram the computer screen, the back of the camera, or the television - Sure it might not be the best quality photo, but I still want to share the moment. (And I love #backofcamera pictures!)

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