A Fear of Mine

Do you ever wonder what you're missing out on?

Part of the curse of social media is that everyone looks like they're having a better time than you. Your friends lives look so exciting. But your life is so boring, because you know your reality. You know how  many hours of meaningless TV you watched this week and how empty your pantry is. You know how much laundry has piled up.

And so you look for fun date ideas online, because your entertainment budget is tight and you can't afford a dinner date night every weekend. (And if you haven't figured it out yet, when I say you, I mean me.)

But some of the date ideas look so dumb. Go to the bookstore and browse magazines. Put together a puzzle. Try out a new sitcom. Make dinner together.

On paper they all look boring. But some of the best moments of my life have been little moments. Not big and fancy ones. Ryan and I don't do big and fancy things that often. We do things the simple way.

I don't want to miss out on the fun little moments by thinking my entire life has to be Instagram worthy. But this takes work. At least for me, if I don't plan a fun activity (no matter how little), life slips by and we never do it.

So here are two ways I'm focusing on fun little moments in the next couple months:

- I'm trying to be more consistent with Instagram. Posting a couple photos a day means that I have to show some of the little everyday things. So my focus is to keep it real and post more than just the awesome parts of life.

- I'd like to create a mini blog series about date nights. It's not completely planned out yet, but I think I'll post a couple date night ideas at once. Four dates under $40 or something like that. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the little pieces of life as much as the big ones. And try putting together a puzzle with your honey. It's more fun than you might think.