Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Friends, Features, & Forgetting

The Sunshine:

- A four hour coffee date with fellow photographer, Stephanie Judd. We had just a few things to talk about. ;-)

- Attending a dear friend's wedding over the weekend. Being reunited with my college besties. Or as Jess was saying, "This is my best friend Caitlin and over there is my other best friend Juli and we're all here for my other best friend Karen's wedding." Best doesn't have to be exclusive!

- Thanks to Chelsea LaVere, my monitor is finally calibrated and my black and white images look good again. Now I just have to reedit the old ones.

- I received 3 emails this past week accepting my Garden Elopement stylized shoot for publication! Yippee!

The Raindrops:

- I left the doctor's office without my prescription yesterday. I'm not looking forward to taking a special trip up there. Ain't nobody got time for that!