Pinterest Projects ~ Our Whiteboard Calendar

Last January Ryan and I decided that we wanted to make a magnetic chalkboard calendar. I found these great liquid chalk pens that work on all sorts of surfaces and we were really excited that we wouldn't have chalk dust all over our kitchen. The kitchen island I use for all our food prep sits right under the calendar. That would be just gross.

But attempt number one was a disaster. The liquid chalk didn't wipe off like it was supposed to and the roughness of the wood ripped up the cloths we used to wipe the board.

So we gave up on the magnetic part and tried again.

It still didn't work. So we bought a sheet of plexiglass to use as the writing surface and ended up with this:

It's not the neatest thing (see the crooked lines on the left edge), but it was functional.

So we operated with that for a while until I started seeing whiteboard calendars pop up on Pinterest. Most of them used a decorative printed paper or fabric on the back. We contemplated this idea for a bit, but then we saw the paint chip calendar on Pinterest. It was perfect. We could tie in some subtle colors while using the paint chips to create the columns and rows.

Instead of paint chips, we decided to take a little visit to Michaels and picked out some gorgeous metallic paper to cut into squares. Add a little contact cement and we were in business!

Here's the new calendar in all its glory:

Isn't she pretty?