101 in 1001

About a year and a half ago, I first heard about the 101 in 1001 project and started a list of fun date ideas for Ryan and me. And we're pretty much on track to finish. Technically we're behind by 6 or so activities. And of course there are some items on the list that we have no desire to do anymore. A couple aren't even logistically possible in the time we have left. And that's ok. Because at the end of the 1001 days, I want to be able to look back and say that we danced in the rain, kissed in elevators, took pictures in photo booths, watched sunsets, started traditions, and just enjoyed being together. And if it takes lists like this to keep the romance alive in our relationship, then bring on the corny lists!

If you've never heard of the 101 in 1001 project, check out DayZeroProject.com. Basically, you make a list of 101 things you'd like to accomplish and you give yourself 1001 days to do it in. Simple enough. But of course that's not challenging enough for me, so I make my lists themed. Like I said, I have a date list for Ryan and me and now I have a list for my photography business.

But I am bending the rules a little bit this time. I know that my goals and dreams for my business will change over the next 2.5 years, I will allow myself to revise my list every January. And I'll leave a few empty spaces at the end to fill in as I become inspired. I will not, however, fill in tasks that I have already completed just to cross them off! (although I do this on a regular basis on my to do list)

The math on a 101 in 1001 works out to one item every 9.9 days. That's frightening. And it's such a long list to start with that it's really hard to decide what to do first. But I don't want this to be a high-pressure thing that just ends in frustration. I want it to be exciting and encouraging!

I'll blog tasks as I complete them and link to them on this list. I have no idea where to start (although there are a few of these I specifically want to accomplish in the next 6 months), but I'm diving in! 

Start date: January 31, 2013
End date: October 29, 2015

  1. Website overhaul - completed 3.2.13
  2. Complete my branding and LOVE it!
  3. Print customized paper products
  4. Develop my packaging
  5. Compile a list of 50 great places to shoot in Hampton Roads
  6. Have a successful customer referral program
  7. Add testimonials to my website
  8. Guest blog for another photographer
  9. Systematize my entire business - (email templates, wedding info sheet, wedding workflow checklist, tips for brides and grooms, client experience surveys)
  10. Choose an album company and order a sample album - completed 8.7.13
  11. Build wedding collections - completed 8.28.13
  12. Create a beautiful office space
  13. Create a website to go with the blog
  14. Update my bio photos yearly
  15. Blog four days a week for 3 months - completed 4.30.13
  16. Blog five days a week for a month
  17. Start a new blog series with at least 8 posts
  18. Instagram twice a day for two months - completed 6.30.13
  19. Facebook post daily for 1 month
  20. Reach 500 FB followers
  21. Make Pinterest work for my business
  22. Make Twitter work for my business
  23. Keep my email inbox down to 5 emails of less for a month - completed 7.12.13
  24. Start an email list and send newsletter updates at least once every two months - completed 8.21.13
  25. Put a limit on my social media time
  26. Upgrade my camera - completed 5.31.13
  27. Purchase a new lens - completed 12.16.13
  28. Purchase a tablet to use at client meetings - completed 11.11.13
  29. Buy a glamorous camera bag
  30. Build a wardrobe of wedding photographer clothes (and shoes!) - at least 6 outfits & 3 pairs of shoes
  31. Experiment with and decide on my lighting style
  32. Make a promotional video
  33. Cut wedding editing time to under 3 hours
  34. Create or buy album design templates - (found software) completed 8.6.13
  35. Complete a photo challenge every year
  36. Write my ideal client profile - completed 3.27.13
  37. 2nd shoot 50 weddings
  38. Book a destination wedding
  39. Shoot twelve weddings
  40. Shoot a trash the dress session - completed 7.11.13
  41. Shoot a day after session
  42. Shoot a friend's maternity session
  43. Shoot a gender reveal
  44. Shoot another photographer  (paid or trade)
  45. Shoot a proposal
  46. Shoot in DC
  47. Shoot in NYC
  48. Shoot in the snow
  49. Shoot something "just for me" every 6 months
  50. Borrow a film camera and shoot a roll for fun
  51. Makeover a piece of furniture for a shoot
  52. Do four wedding styled shoots that completely represent my brand - one completed
  53. Take part in an Orchestrated styled shoot
  54. Shoot for my branding words
  55. Plan a vacation around an out of town wedding
  56. Attend 3 weddings as a guest and love every second of it - one completed
  57. Take a self portrait once a month for a year.
  58. Display our wedding vows in a meaningful way - completed 3.13.13
  59. Yearly anniversary shoot with Ryan - two completed
  60. Book a session with a photographer I love
  61. Upgrade our wedding album
  62. Collect wedding photos from my parents and grandparents for a wall gallery
  63. Make a wall gallery of at least 9 pictures that make me smile
  64. Go an entire day with no email, text, Facebook, or instagram
  65. Go on 5 photo walks - one completed
  66. Enter a photo competition
  67. Start submitting weddings to publications - completed 2.11.14
  68. Have a booth at a bridal show
  69. Seek out and meet with a mentor
  70. Start a post-wedding tradition with another photographer
  71. Find a way I can give to others through photography
  72. Donate a portrait shoot to a charity auction
  73. Go full time in photography - completed 1.8.14
  74. Join a professional photographer's association
  75. Set and keep office hours
  76. Attend 10 networking events - two completed
  77. Have lunch/coffee with another wedding professional 4 times a year
  78. Throw a themed party for other wedding professionals
  79. Attend WPPI
  80. Meet Katelyn James and Justin & Mary - one completed
  81. Attend 2 photography workshops - one completed
  82. Create postcards for the vendors I work with for their marketing
  83. Read 6 business books
  84. Find 5 ways to differentiate myself and my business
  85. Have a canvas giveaway
  86. Create a new client kit
  87. Compile a list of fabulous vendor suggestions for my brides
  88. Put together date night gifts for wedding clients - completed 5.21.13
  89. Send Christmas ornaments to wedding clients - completed 12.1.13
  90. Send anniversary cards to my wedding clients
  91. Send a card and gift to someone to encourage them
  92.  Redo the website again
  93.  Get a new logo professionally designed - completed 2.21.14
  94.  Get product samples for every product I offer
  101. At the end of 1001 days, make a new list