Christmas Traditions ~ Yearly Ornaments

When Ryan and I got married, we decided that we wanted to commemorate each year of our lives together with a Christmas ornament. In ten years we'll be reliving a lot of memories as we decorate the tree!

After trying unsuccessfully to find a bride and groom ornament that we actually liked, we decided to make our own ornament with a brooch and some ribbon from our wedding day.

But then we found another ornament that would remind us of our honeymoon in Charleston (a pineapple). It was an after-Christmas sale and we just had to pick it up. So we'll probably be buying an ornament for every trip or big event in our lives.

This year a couple more ornaments joined our brooch and pineapple. I filled two clear ornaments with rose petals. One has petals from corsages and bouquets from our wedding.

The other is petals from flowers Ryan gave me while we were dating. (Thanks, Pinterest!) We also bought an ornament while we were in Jamaica.

I can't wait until we have enough of these ornaments to put on their own tree! At this rate, it shouldn't take too long!