Wedding Weekly ~ Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are beautiful and magical and unique. And they couldn't be any easier to decorate for. Look at all the great Christmasy decor you have at your disposal:

-garland and wreaths

-ornaments in any color imaginable

-gorgeous table linens and serving dishes

-wintery candlesticks and figurines

-Christmas lights

-Lots of extra ribbon and bows


And there are so many great things you can incorporate into the wedding!

-Christmas cookies and milk at the reception

-ornaments as favors

-Christmasy thank you cards

-Christmas music

-hot chocolate or cider bar

-holiday dinner style meal

And even if you didn't want a traditional green and red Christmas theme, there are still plenty of color options. Silver and gold with lots of glitter and sparkle. Blue and white with a snowflake motif. Deep jewel tones with touches of fur or velvet. Even shimmery pastel shades would work for a beautiful winter wedding.

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