Sunshine & Raindrops - Spilled Wax, Jumping Ship, and Storage Solutions

Some recent sunshine & raindrops:

- As sad as I am to see fall officially wrapping up, I'm very excited for Thanksgiving this week. It's one of my favorite holidays, and gratefulness is something I've been trying to emphasize in my own life this year. And this week is the culmination of that!

- I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty excited to start cranking the Christmas tunes and put up the decorations this week. It's been hard to hold out this long!

- I felt like organizing on Friday, but once I got knee deep in the crazy crafting mess that is our spare room, I realized that the only solution was a built in closet shelf and a handful of tubs from Target. (I have a lot of crafting hobbies!) And that unfortunately brought the organizing to a screeching halt until January when we have room in the budget to spend $50 just on plastic tubs.

- I gave my fall centerpiece one last fling with a handful of pillar candles, but I couldn't find all of my candle-sized glassware... and the result was a kitchen table that now needs to be refinished from all the wax we had to scrape off of it. Oops!

- I am very particular about the color of light in our little yellow house. As a photographer, mixed lighting drives me crazy, so I prefer cooler toned light bulbs to the traditional warm ones. That way the light in the house matches the sunlight coming in the windows. And it's incredibly important in my office where I'm editing and displaying my images. So the excitement of getting light bulbs for my newly hung purple chandelier was a bit dimmed by the realization that they were much too warm. (Pun definitely intended!)

- There have been an unusual amount of typos on my blog lately. And for an English major, that's just not cool.

And a little NaNoWriMo Update:
I hit a creative wall last week with my novel idea and decided to jump ship to a new novel idea. So technically, my 50,000 words won't be on the same plot line, but I'm still considering it a win. This new idea allows me to wing it a bit more instead of constantly worrying about how historically inaccurate my story is becoming. And when you're 10,000 words behind, that makes a big difference.
As of last night, I'm less than 5,000 words behind. I will need to put in about 1.5-2 hours of writing every day for the rest of the month to win, but I'm absolutely determined that I will not lose, even if that means I'm up until midnight on Sunday night cramming in those final words.

But enough about that.... Happy Monday everyone! Check back Wednesday for my favorites from our Thanksgiving Rehearsal Dinner Stylized Shoot! It's full of bright yellows, glossy pumpkins, and some delicious desserts!