Pages from the Sequel: Baby on Board

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As anyone who's ever read a love story knows, the wedding is usually the last chapter of the book. But in a real love story, there's so much more to be told. So much happens in the happily ever after. And that’s what the sequel is for: to tell the story of two people as husband and wife as they live and grow together. So here are pages from our sequel.



I curled the blanket tighter around me on the couch and sighed. My cold had stuck around long enough. I was ready to be rid of it. As a general rule, I try not to take very much medicine, but it was time to take Nyquil. I needed a good night’s sleep. And it was only 4 in the afternoon.

There was just one thing I needed to check first. So I went upstairs and instead of looking for the Nyquil, I rummaged around in my closet for a little blue cardboard box. I did the math a few times (because math is not my favorite thing) to see if the test would even be accurate. The calendar said just barely. So I took the test and set it down on the back of the toilet while I pretended I wasn’t anxiously counting down the seconds.

One bar flashed on the test screen and then two. I waited, expecting a negative response since I had felt cramps the afternoon before. And suddenly the bars disappeared and single word stared back at me. I leaned forward in disbelief. Clear as day: Pregnant.

I covered my mouth with my hand as laughter and tears erupted simultaneously. I couldn’t believe it. We were going to have a baby.

An hour later, I dashed in the front door as Ryan’s car pulled up in front of the house. The Target bag in my hand contained a second digital test, from the other brand, just to make sure. And although this wait seemed much longer than the first, it too had the same result. I opened the bathroom door and Ryan looked up at me across the hallway.

“We’re going to have a baby!”


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