Monday Musings

MM Things I Wonder About - Letters.jpg

Some things I wonder about:

Am I still a rule follower if I put food in the oven when it's still pre-heating?

How am I going to explain to my son what phone books are? It seems kinda creepy to have access to everyone's phone number now.

Why is it that back to school supplies show up at the store 2 weeks after summer break starts?

Is it just me or is Pinterest getting less helpful? It's so full of unattainable things. I don't have the energy to make perfect 3 course dinners or design a perfect living room or dress like a fashion blogger.

Why do grape and orange flavored things taste so bad?

If setting 3 on the toaster burns the bread , what are the higher settings for?

Coffee and milk are both breakfast beverages, so why can't I have coffee ice cream for breakfast?

Is it just a creative small business thing, or is the business card dying?


Ryan's Quotes of the Week:
Isn't celery always sad?
They're basically throwing a rager.
Do I look like a measuring cup?