2nd Annual CGP Family Cookout

CGP Cookout-101.jpg

Five years ago, I never would have guessed that the people we worked with would become our friends. That they’d want to hang out with us after their weddings were over. That they’d know our son’s name and ask us about our lives. I would have assumed that we’d just be someone they hired. Someone they emailed a little bit, met twice, and promptly forgot about.

But that would have been underestimating them. Because our clients are amazing. They’re kind and gracious and they would never think of treating a vendor like hired help. Instead… they’re friends or even family.

As we waited and waited (and waited) on our short sale this summer, I started worrying that we wouldn’t be able to host a cookout for our CGP family this year. So when we finally got moved in, one of the first things I wanted to do was put a cookout date on the calendar!

It was Halloween weekend (and anniversary weekend for 2 of our couples) and the sun went down before we even ate dinner, but I’ll take it! Better a cookout in October than none at all!

But next year… bring on the sun! And the babies! I need to meet more of these sweet babies!