Natalie & Tony - Virginia Beach Engagement Session

It had been a really rough day at work. She had vented about it to Tony and now she just wanted to push past it and enjoy the evening. They were headed to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with their parents. As soon as Tony decided which shirt he wanted to wear.

After dinner, Natalie’s mom wanted to show her a funny cat video she had found. But when Natalie looked at the screen, she saw a photo of her and Tony, and then another and another. A thousand things rushed through her mind as she watched the slideshow. And then… a picture of Tony’s nephew, holding a sign that read “Will you be my aunt?” Then Tony’s sister, “Will you be my sister?” And Tony’s parents, “Will you be our daughter?” Then the slideshow instructed her to go to the backyard.

She walked slowly to the door and opened it. Tony stood in the backyard, surrounded by candles and rose petals, with a ring in his hand. And just like that, her really bad day became one of her favorite days. 


Natalie & Tony are getting married this fall at the Historic Post Office! Ryan and I are so excited for their wedding day with Kelsey Ann Events!

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