Monday Musings

Dear Fall, As more and more details from my fall brides trickle in, I keep getting more and more excited! We're going to have a killer ending to the 2016 CGP season!!!

Dear Pinterest, Thank you for filling my feed with delicious fall desserts and helpful baby info. Whatever you've done to your algorithm is definitely working better than it used to. 

Dear Hermine, Thanks for bringing some cooler weather so I could snuggle up in a sweater for the first time in months. Also... your name is just WEIRD. Who is in charge of the hurricane name list?

Dear Living Room Rug, I apologize for rearranging the living room and making it even more obvious that you're not the right size for our space. Let's pretend no one will notice, ok?

Dear Baby To Do List, I'm happy to say that you finally seem manageable now. There's still lots to do, but I know we can plow through it.


Ryan Quote of the Week:
That's because Vikings don't use Twitter.