Our Little Yellow House: Renovation Update

We’ve been in our little yellow house for almost 3 years now and we’re finally getting started on the very last room renovation! Nursery Deadline: November, 2016!

We’ll be sharing lots of little stories from pregnancy on our new blog series, Pages from the Sequel, but here’s a little FAQ to hold you over until then:

How far along are you?
14 weeks.

How big is the baby?
Last week the app said peach and this week it said lemon. I’m guessing peaches are smaller wherever the app makers come from.

Aren’t you showing kinda early?
Yes, I am. And I love it!

How much weight have you gained?
I don’t plan to answer this question in the future, but I was very proud of myself for getting through the first trimester without gaining more than 6 pounds, considering all the bread and French fries I ate!

How are you feeling?
I feel really great! I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far and I definitely haven’t taken that for granted! I was nauseous and exhausted for a few weeks and my sleep patterns have been a lot different, but I’m full of energy and back at yoga, so I’m not complaining!

What have you been craving?
I’ve been reaching for both sweet and salty snacks, but not more than usual and nothing that I wouldn’t have eaten before.

Any food aversions?
Until about week 10, the thought of cooking or smelling eggs or raw chicken made me feel sick. Most recently, the baby has decided we are no longer eating vegetables, particularly broccoli, beets, and carrots.
(Also a side note for those who saw my sushi post from last Thursday and are now incredibly worried about my unborn child… that was Ryan’s plate. I gobbled my shrimp rolls up too fast to take a picture.)

Can you feel the baby move yet?
Not yet. Most people say around week 16, so I should soon!

Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?
Yes! Definitely! I’m way too much of a planner to not know what we’re having! (I already have a huge to do list typed out!)

Do you have a nursery theme?
We do! Our boy theme is underwater creatures (more salt water aquarium and less Finding Nemo) with aqua, navy, and green. Our girl theme is mermaid with purple and aqua. So until we find out, we’re pretty much limited to choosing furniture, a wall color, and shell or beach accessories.

What have you bought so far?
Just clothes for me. (Is that bad?) My belly has poked out already, so I’m already wearing mostly maternity clothes. The rubber band pants trick stopped working 3 weeks ago! The last few weeks I’ve been trading off between fitted clothes when I’m at home or hanging out with people who already know and blousy tops and empire waist dresses when I’m at church or with people we haven’t told yet. (Sorry church family! We wanted to tell you weeks ago, but it’s hard to keep a tight lid on 400 people!)
As far as things for the baby, my father-in-law is building us a crib and I’ve started a registry already so I can save things I want to buy for later instead of filling up the shopping cart now!

How did you find out? How did you tell your parents?
Story coming soon!

Do you have names yet? 
Not yet. We don’t really see the point in debating both a boy and a girl name, so we’re waiting until we find out the gender. Although we’ve talked about baby names before, so I think choosing the first name will be pretty easy.

What are you dreading?
Um… labor. Also, the unasked for advice and mom-judgment (What is up with that?!?!)  and strangers touching my belly. Let’s just say if you've never hugged me before, you'd better not be touching my belly.