Monday Musings

Dear Pimento Cheese, I guess I'm not feeling it anymore. I'm sorry.

Dear Hotels, Here's what I love about you: unlimited hot water, amazing water pressure, and soft beds with lots of pillows. Also, having someone else make my bed makes me surprisingly happy. Here's what I don't love: hard water that dries out my hair and irritates my face. I briefly considered washing my face with bottled water, but that seemed really high maintenance to me. Also, oatmeal cranberry squares are a sad excuse for a cookie. Please meet my friend, chocolate chunk.

Dear Cheese, Next to Lucy, I think you're what I missed most of all while in Charleston. I was really tempted to buy a block while we were at the grocery store to snack on.

Dear Pregnancy, Our life is turning into a giant game of catch phrase. I'll have trouble thinking of a word, so I look at Ryan and say, "It's like fruit loops but the other rainbow cereal" or "What's that guy's name? The one married to Julie?"

Dear Little Yellow House, I think we're finally going to get rid of your popcorn ceilings and I couldn't be more excited! Hooray for the baby countdown spurring on our last few projects!


Ryan Quote of the Week:
"Oh, I thought that sign said welcome Americans only."