Monday Musings

Dear Kale, I'm sorry I made assumptions about you just because you're super healthy. You're actually quite delicious.

Dear Beets, I'm still not sure about you.

Dear Laptop, You make such pretty branding photos. Thanks for looking like a Mac but not costing as much as one.

Dear Spring, Please come back. Whatever we said to make you angry, we didn't mean it! Can we please be friends again?

Dear Heels, Were you this painful when I still wore you a couple of times a week? Or is it just now that it's only to church and parties?

Dear Lucy, I just can't handle your cuteness when you sleep with your paws over your face.

Dear Bunnies, Thank you for spending so much time in our backyard entertaining our cat. Also, you're adorable. Oh, and one more thing... we've given up on ever having a garden here. 


Ryan Quote of the Week:
Caitlin: Exclamation point!
Ryan: Glitter! Confetti! Estrogen!