Monday Musings: The Catch Up Edition

First a few of our regularly scheduled musings:

Dear Instagram, Please for the love of all social media... do not switch to a popularity based algorithm. I know most people follow more feeds than they can actually keep up with. But you know how everyone hates Facebook? That's about to happen to you.

Dear Spring, Where did you go? I thought I was behind on the warm weather train and finally put away all my winter clothes last week... only to pull half of them back out again over the weekend.

Dear House, How is it necessary to do so much decluttering every year? How can we possibly accumulate this much stuff this quickly?

Now for a fun announcement:

As you saw last Monday, we had a sweet little kitty visitor for a few hours. Even though Ryan and I had decided not to get a cat while we live in our little yellow house, that little cuddle machine stole our hearts and we were at the adoption center when they opened yesterday to adopt her.

She's getting fixed today, but we're bringing her home tonight, so look out... Instagram is going to be a kitty-fest for a while!

But we need your help! We have a couple of possible names, but we want to hear your ideas! What should we name her?

And since April is almost here and wedding season will start gearing up, I wanted to share a few updates on what you can expect from CGP this year:
- Ryan and I are partners in everything that we do, but this year, CGP is becoming even more of a team effort for us! Ryan will be second shooting all of our weddings this year! We're also bringing on an editor, but we'll talk more about that this summer!
- We're almost done sharing Our Story on the blog, but don't worry, when that ends we'll be starting up a new series, Pages from the Sequel, that will share stories of the past five years of our marriage.
- We're putting the finishing touches on a special project for all 2016 and 2017 brides and we can't wait to share more about that next month!
- We have just a few dates in May, July, and August left that we're still available for in 2016... and only one in June and one in September! And that's it!
- And we are now booking 2017 dates! I'm still getting used to writing 2016, but I know there are many wonderful couples planning for their weddings next year, and we can't wait to meet them!