Monday Musings by Ryan

I know it's been a few weeks since we had a Monday Musings post, and today we're switching things up. Ryan is doing the musing and I've provided the (hopefully) humorous quote of the week. Enjoy!


Dear Motion Sensing Lights, thank you for allowing me to practice walking up and down stairs in the dark.

Dear Parking Garage, please fix the gate for individuals with monthly parking passes. When the arm is always up I'm worried my car will be chopped in half.

Dear Pandora, please stop with the targeted ads. You really don't know me very well...

Dear Sushi, you are one of my favorite foods... but somehow over the past few years I've gone from being able to eat 6 rolls to barely being able to finish 2. What do I need to do to rekindle our relationship?

Dear Fall, I feel that no one likes you... Everyone just needs an excuse to incorporate pumpkin spice in every meal.  Also, can I have my 90° weather and humidity back?


Caitlin Quote of the Week:
I'm not sure what just happened to my brain.