Wednesday Musings: Labor Day, Packages, and a Really Terrible Pun

Thanks to Labor Day, my Monday Musings got canceled. And since today is a BIG BIG day for CGP with our most elaborate and detailed styled shoot to date and a little secret project thrown in just to keep things interesting, I rescheduled our musings to today.

Dear Schedule, I  know you and me are tight (is that still a thing?) but I'm not too fond of this whole idea where my entire day is planned out in 30 minute segments. It's hard to be creative under time restraints.

Dear Labor Day, I would have loved a hot dog with mustard and ketchup but I'll take an E-Z peel popcorn ceiling any day!

Dear #ourlittleyellowhouseinva, I love all the progress we've been making over the past few weeks! But you have to admit it's not the most exciting before and after work. Finishing a deck, fixing a stairway light switch, adding a ceiling fan, and peeling popcorn... it's all great progress and time consuming work. But it's definitely not what most people would get excited about.

Dear Shot List for Today's Shoot, Didn't your mother teach you that it's rude to be long winded?

Dear UPS Man, Thank you for all the wonderful packages you've been bringing me lately. But I think my favorite was definitely the box containing dozens of prints of the past couple of years. They might be baby little 4x6s, but they're so much prettier printed than on my Facebook profile.

Dear Tieks, I'm glad to see that you've stretched out a bit, but I'm still not ready to commit and wear you outside. I'd say that I'm getting cold feet, but that would be a really terrible pun.