Behind the Scenes on a Wedding Day

I usually save the wedding behind the scenes images for one of my December wrap-up-the-year posts, but I'm actually collecting quite a few this year, so I thought it would be fun to share some at the halfway point of wedding season instead of keeping them all for one huge post in December.

Throughout the wedding day, my second shooter and I take test shots to make sure we have our settings dialed in appropriately. Say cheese!

Sometimes I feel bad for my second shooters during portrait time. I like to shoot in nice and tight to my couple and my favorite second shooters prefer wider shots (which works out for a nicely balanced gallery for the clients!), but then I stand in front of them and block their way. Sorry about that!

And sometimes I can't help but be in their way. 

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when you try to gather 65 people for a photo? It looks like this.

Photographing weddings is all about evaluating and adapting. Got a cute little photo bomber for the cake cutting? One step to the left and she's hidden behind the cake!

When we shoot portraits in open public places, we often have to wait for people to walk through before we can start shooting again. Bystanders are always very congratulatory, so it's a fun celebrity-for-a-day moment for the couple. 

Most of the year I'm sweating most of the day, but sometimes I book a spring wedding and it's so cold and breezy during the ceremony that I button my cardigan like Marian the Librarian.

Getting ready rooms don't usually match the wedding theme, so detail shooting usually involves creating my own background.

And when the bride and groom don't know the Cupid Shuffle, I put down my camera and offer to teach them!

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