Amy & Jordan Workshop: Recap

You may have noticed that my Instagram this week was filled with vintage furniture, some incredible florals, and a lot of smiley photographers! That's because I spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at the Amy & Jordan photography workshop at the gorgeous Paisley and Jade showroom!

Amy & Jordan are an incredible husband and wife photography team from Scottsdale, Arizona. Their website is full of one stunning wedding after another, so I was really excited to learn from them! And since they used to be elementary school teachers, they have a heart for education and I knew this workshop would be worth every penny!

I had no intentions of investing in a photography workshop this year. I had already committed my education and equipment funds to a new lens and WPPI. Going to WPPI this year had been on my bucket list for a while now. I discovered the WPPI conference soon after deciding that I wanted to start a photography business, and loved seeing other photographers post about their experiences there. And after living vicariously through them for a few years, I was determined to make it happen this year.

And I did. And while I enjoyed the trip immensely and learned quite a few things, it wasn't the life and business changing thing that I had set it up to be. 

And that's why, when I found out that Jordan & Amy were opening another workshop in Richmond (their Virginia Beach workshop had sold out before WPPI), I knew I had to make it work.

In two 12 hour days, Amy & Jordan covered every aspect of their shooting style and business, sharing their successes and failures so that we could grow from them. And it was amazing how many missing pieces they dropped into my lap over those two days! In a lot of ways, I was doing things 80% or even 90% correctly, but I was missing that one little thing, that secret ingredient, that specific wording, or that way of looking at things that makes all the difference. I'm still working through my notes and getting an action plan together, but I'm so excited to start incorporating these little things into my business to bring my work from good to great!

And next week, I'm excited to share some fun behind the scenes and my new headshots from the workshop!

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