Monday Musings: Letters to Canada, Rock Climbing, and Grooveshark

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at #ourlittleyellowhouseinva! We celebrated both of our birthdays, drove 7 hours to see my brother graduate and move him into his new apartment, photographed two weddings and an engagement session, and we have spent the last couple of days (celebrating our birthdays again!) with friends on a little beach weekend trip!

Dear Beach, Can we cut out some of the space in between us so we can spend more time together?

Dear America, Why can't you be as old and pretty as Europe?

Dear Airlines, Why do you have to charge SOOOO much for transatlantic flights?

Dear Canada, We're really excited to come visit you this summer, but let's be real. You're nothing compared to Europe.

Dear Grooveshark, We mourn your passing. 

Dear Rose Bush, I love how bushy you are and how much you're blooming. But we're trying to have a doorstep here. Do you mind?

Dear Rock Climbing, I never claimed to have good upper body strength (I'm working on that!) but you showed me muscles in my forearms I never knew I had! Also, there is something incredibly terrifying about taking both hands off the wall to belay. Thank you for helping me face my fear of heights.

Dear Amazon, Thank you for being the perfect place to buy anything, but also one of the most difficult to keep presents a secret from your spouse and anyone else who shares your computer!