Monday Musings: Letters to Autocorrect, Sleep, and My To Do List

Dear Autocorrect, I realize Nikon isn't a word that most people use every day (just the super awesome people!), but I promised, I'm not going to be talking about nylons or Nixon anytime soon, so no need to recommend those words. And I think it's safe to promise that Aerosmith will never come up in regular conversation. So as weirdly as I miss-type it, I mean awesome.

Dear Fingernails, I'd forgotten just how painful it is when you break. Ouch!

Dear Bangs, Why must you be so high maintenance? For real! The idea was to make my wedding day hair look better, not worse!

Dear Sleep, Why is it that I never feel like going to bed and I never feel like getting up? Can we agree to live in the moment?

Dear Internet News Sites, I realize that you feel the need to create compelling captions and subtitles to lure people in, but I'm getting really tired of deceptive descriptions. Don't tell me you 'can't believe what happens next' if what happens next isn't all that unusual. And just for the record, your consistent false advertisement has caused me to stop clicking altogether. So even if it looks really interesting to me, I'm going to pass. So nice try.

Dear To Do List, I got a lot of stuff done last week, but you still had way too many things not crossed off. Let's work on that this week, shall we?