The Engagement Session: Choosing a Location

One of the thing I love most about being a wedding photographer in Hampton Roads is all of the beautiful locations I get to shoot at! We have so much variety, but that can make it difficult to choose the right location for your engagement session.

The first step to choosing your engagement session location is deciding on the style or the feel you want.
- Do you want a fall engagement to contrast your spring wedding? Or vice versa?
- Do you want the engagement session to match the feel and season of your wedding day? Would you like to use your wedding venue for the session or just a similar location?
- Is there a location that's meaningful to you? Maybe where you had your first date or where he proposed? I love sentimental locations, because being there for your engagement session will bring back memories and add to the experience!
- Do you have a friend with access to a unique location like a boat, a beautiful private property, or downtown building? Like maybe the top of a skyscraper? (Bucket list!)
- Is there a particular activity you love to do together that you'd like to incorporate into your session? Do you want to sip lattes at your favorite coffee shop or put together a picnic at the beach?
- Do you want a subtle background like the woods or the beach or a bolder, more colorful background like a colorful mural downtown or fall foliage?
- Does one type of location (downtown, park/garden, woods, rustic, or beach) appeal to you more than the others?

The location you choose sets the tone for your engagement session. Whether you choose your outfits to match the location or the location to match your outfits, you'll want to make sure they're a good match!

Maybe a specific location immediately comes to mind as you're thinking through these questions. Awesome!

But if not, let me know what styles and ideas you like best. Think about adjectives that you'd like to describe your session and its location. Modern? Historic? Colorful? Muted? Rustic? Urban? Architectural? Lush? I can compare these thoughts to my list of location ideas and find a spot that would be perfect for you!


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