Monday Musings: My Thoughts on Fruit Salsa, the Oscars, and Wood Veneers

Dear To Do List, We are going to do business this week. So buckle up.

Dear Fruit Salsa, You are way better than traditional salsa. I could eat you every day.

Dear Snow, I love how pretty you are and I love getting an unexpected day off. But you really wreak havoc in everyone's schedules. So if you make any more appearances this winter, can you stick to the ground but not the road? K thanks.

Dear Thrift Stores, Thank you for being full of really weird old junk that no one will ever buy. It makes for very amusing visits. 

Dear Furniture Designers, Let's said goodbye to this wood veneer thing and go back to the real thing, ok? You're really cramping our DIY style.

Dear Oscars, I can't be bothered to watch 3 hours of red carpet interviews, but I always enjoy the best and worst dressed lists. So thank you for giving famous rich people an excuse to buy a new dress. I enjoy living vicariously through them.