Monday Musings: Notes to Sugar Comas, New Sneakers, & the Impending Snowstorm

Dear Sneakers, I promise... this week I will stop staring at you and actually wear you.

Dear Sugar Coma, I may not have planned this week out too well. Making peanut butter fudge Wednesday, picking up cheesecake on Friday, and opening our giant box of chocolates on Sunday.... that's a lot of sugar!And bringing home a bunch of sweets on Thursday didn't help.

Dear Gym on Saturday, Do I really have to show up 15 minutes early just to save my spot? Couldn't we schedule a few more classes or something?

Dear Cream Cheese, Ryan thinks you have no place in sushi, but we both know he's wrong. Maybe I can convince him to come around.

Dear Valentine's Day, You can be a really intense holiday, but if people don't go too over the top, you really aren't that bad. It's just like a national date night. Are the overpriced flowers and packed out restaurants really necessary?

Dear Eggs, How do you disappear from the fridge so quickly? Have I really been doing that much baking lately?

Dear Heating Unit, I know you're running around the clock right now, but please try to keep the temperature up. It's only going to get colder tonight!

Dear Impending Snowstorm, I'm so glad I have advance notice about you. I know most people are going to be buying milk and bread today, but I'll be putting in a killer workout, picking up supplies for a house project, and shopping for a new purse. You know... priorities.