Monday Musings: Notes to Cloches, Carnations, and my Camera Suitcase

Dear Cloche, You're a complicated little decoration. I was just starting to get the hang of you when you decided to get all moldy and gross. I guess I'll stick to my vases and bowls. They're much less advanced decorating techniques. Also, Ryan thinks your name is stupid.

Dear Grape Flavored Things, You don't have anyone fooled.

Dear Camera Suitcase, Thanks for not caring what people think when we roll you into Moes after engagement sessions. Keep your chin up, girl. What you do is important.

Dear Daylight Savings, You market yourself like everyone is going to wake up super refreshed with one extra hour of sleep. But some of us just pop awake an hour earlier than usual. All  my friends said their toddlers did that too. So apparently I have the sleeping habits of a small child.

Dear Carnations, I'm sorry everyone associates you with funerals. You're actually really pretty.

Dear Pretty New Sample Album, Thanks for making the itch to reprint our wedding album even stronger. Another wedding album makes a nice 5th anniversary present to myself, right?

RYAN QUOTE OF THE WEEK: That dress is like a giant purple jellyfish.


-We watched Jurassic World with my in-laws last week and I was happy to see that although a lot of people got eaten by dinosaurs (a lot!), they didn't show too much of the actual chomping. Yuck. And then I found this video about the movie and couldn't help but laugh.

-Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite locations for engagement sessions, so I jumped at the chance to meet our newest 2016 CGP couple there yesterday! And boy oh boy, it didn't disappoint! Plenty of fall color with the casual outfit, super romantic shots in the hedges with their date night outfit, and a little colonial canon fire thrown in for fun!

-Ryan and I had a little mentoring session on Skype with Arizona photographers Amy & Jordan. I talk about these two amazing people a LOT, so I was happy to finally introduce Ryan to them and now we have so many new things to work on for our business! And the CGP website is getting another little refresh! So excited! I just wish these two lived closer, because they'd make the best double date duo!

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