Backing Up Your Memories with Crashplan

I share a lot of happy moments and beautiful pictures on the blog, but I want to share nitty gritty important things too. And one of those things is how important it is to have a backup system for your computer.

No one ever expects their hard-drive to fail, especially when it's still under warranty. But a couple of weeks ago, one of ours did! And if we didn't have a backup system, we would have lost all of our personal photos and documents.

Some people brush away worries about their photo storage assuming that stuff can be recovered from dying hard-drives. And sometimes that's true. My dad is a computer genius, and I've seen him do it. But it doesn't always work and it wouldn't have worked for us. Our hard-drive wasn't dying. It was DEAD.

We have several hard-drives in our computer, each holding different portions of our files. (Being a wedding photographer means you need multiple terabytes of storage!) This particular hard-drive held our personal files.

Home videos

Our wedding vows

Personal photos - vacations, our house renovations

Every story I've ever written (And as a Creative Writing major, that was a lot - over 375,000 words of fiction!)

All of these things would have been GONE.

Let that sink in a moment. Think about the important things that live on your computer. A recipe from your grandmother. Scanned art projects your babies brought home from school. Photos of your family over the years. These are really important memories!

Some people recommend backing up photos and important documents to an external hard-drive. Even better is the recommendation to take that hard-drive somewhere else, so it's not stored inside your house in case of fire or other catastrophe.

But the problem with these systems is that they require work and time. You have to set aside the time to do it and it never seems important enough to do right now. If you knew your harddrive would fail tomorrow, sure, you'd find the time to do it today, but it's always that thing that gets pushed farther down on the to do list.

And that's why I recommend Crashplan. Because it's a passive thing. It's one less thing that you have to worry about actually doing.

For the past two years, our ENTIRE computer has been backed up in real time via Crashplan. They even store old versions of your data so you can go back and retrieve something you accidentally deleted. And we've done that a few times over the last two years. But two weeks ago, we downloaded over 300 GB of data to restore our dead hard-drive. And that's so worth $5 a month to me!

So please, if you do anything else today, take 5 minutes to start backing up your computer. And if your wedding photos or other precious memories are living on CDs, please put those on your hard-drive and then start your Crashplan backup! 


*We were not paid or otherwise compensated for this post. Crashplan is just a service that we love and I want to make sure everyone's memories are as safe as ours!

**Rest assured that I take the utmost care of my clients' files. Not only are client files on my hard-drive (and therefore backed up to Crashplan), but they are also stored in the cloud via Google Drive (oh yeah, and that's backed up to Crashplan too).