Monday Musings: Joaquin, Leggings, and Fingernails

Dear #joaquindowntheaisle, You might be the best instagram hashtag I've seen in a while! I literally laughed out loud. (No one does that anymore, by the way.)

Dear Fingernails, You've actually grown to the 'old lady fake nails' point and I'm really impressed. But I fully expect to painfully break one of you off in the next couple of days. It's bound to happen. In the mean time, I'll try to keep you freshly painted and looking cute.

Dear Fleece-Lined Leggings, I've missed you. Let's hang out all winter long.

Dear Product Photography, I might just be hooked.

Dear Fall, I appreciate the romanticism of a rainy day, but I'm ready for some sunshine so we can get some leaf crunching going on!

Dear To Do List, You are ridiculous. That is all.