A CGP Project: Adam Thoroughgood House Wedding Shoot

If you saw this anniversary session at the Norfolk Botanical Garden a couple weeks ago, then you know a little bit more about what Ryan and I have been up to behind the scenes for CGP. Since I'm a wedding photographer, our behind the scenes video wouldn't be complete without having some footage of a bride and groom, but wedding days are far too important and I'm much too focused to try to get footage of anything behind the scenes on an actual wedding day.

But fortunately, one of my summer couples agreed to get all dressed up again for a little 'wedding take two' photo shoot. And what a fun time it was! Just like last time, there was a lot of logistics and 'don't look at Ryan' and 'where will you stand if I stand here' and awkward laughter on my part, but Anne Marie and Myles seemed to enjoy the show. And although I got a lot of beautiful images from the shoot, quite a bit of it looked like this:

It's a little hard to photograph and direct a couple naturally when you're actually not going to be able to use the photo! But I did my best!

I loved working on this little shoot with Ryan, but I'm not going to lie, I'm excited for my wedding this weekend where I can go back to thinking about photography my way instead of all backwards!

Thank you, Heart's Content Events for the beautiful florals and Tiana Marie Artistry for making our bride even more beautiful! I couldn't have done this without your help! And thank you, Anne Marie and Myles for spending part of your weekend with me! I know how valuable that time is!

One of my favorite things about the Adam Thoroughgood Property is the giant magnolia tree that they have! And there's a perfect branch for climbing and sitting on! But of course, one does not climb trees in a wedding dress!

If you're following along on Instagram (@caitlingerresphoto), be on the lookout this morning for a sneak peek at the behind the scenes video coming soon!

And this behind the scenes video is just one of the exciting new things I'm working on for next year's CGP brides & grooms! If you're looking for a wedding photographer, I'd love to chat with you! Drop me a line here to see if I'm available for your 2016 wedding day!