2015: Personal Goals


The word started to burn itself into my heart a few weeks before Christmas. Christmas shopping was stressing me out. Most of the people on our list are really hard to shop for because they don’t need more stuff. So I was constantly searching Pinterest for something they would actually enjoy and use.

And somehow, the more I thought about how our family didn't need more stuff and stressed about what to give them, I realized that WE didn't need more stuff. We have plenty of stuff. Of course there were a few things that we did need. A new pair of black pants. A new sewing mat. An immersion blender. And these things went on my Christmas list.

But I started to see our home with this TOO MUCH STUFF mindset. I saw a spare room overflowing with craft supplies that I could hardly access. I saw a closet overflowing with clothes and yet I felt like I had nothing to wear. I saw the box of decor that sat in our spare room for an entire year and a half and still hadn't been unpacked. I saw the “need” for organizational purchases when really it was just time to clear out.

And so I decided to clear 100 things out of my house before Christmas. And I started formulating a plan for this concept of simplicity to continue throughout 2015.

My goals for 2015:

To choose simplicity - There's so much I can say about this. But let's just stick to the more specific goals I have: Each month focus on one house zone. Use what I already have. Follow the "1 in, 1 out" rule. Use it or lose it. Complete started projects. Limit my closet. Cut back on social media and TV.

To pursue God - This is always going to be one of my goals. And one tool that I'm implementing this year is the daily devotionals from She Reads Truth.

To strengthen my marriage - Again, always going to be one of my goals. Specifically, I want to plan weekly date nights, get together with other couples twice a month, spend more time with our families, vacation somewhere together, and be better about eating dinner at the kitchen table and not the couch. (I never got to do it growing up, so I love it!)

To prepare for the future - You know all those things adults are supposed to do? This is the year we start doing them. Things like saving for retirement, purchasing a fireproof box for our documents, and gathering an emergency food stash. No we are not Preppers. We're talking hurricane food stash not zombie apocalypse stash.

To be healthier - Healthy habits I want to make this year: Stop work at four and enjoy making dinner. Replace more processed foods with homemade foods (I made good progress on this in 2014 but we still buy a lot of processed foods.) Do more freezer cooking. Have one big recipe list to consult for meal planning. Go to the gym 12-16 times per month. (I haven't really talked about it much, but I joined a gym last May. I've been going about 9-12 times per month, but I want to get that number up.) 

To celebrate - I've noticed that I often spend more time dwelling on the low points of life than celebrating the high points. So one of my goals this year is to really celebrate! This involves focusing on the true meaning of holidays, taking time for holiday crafting, and hopefully planning a themed party or two.

To build community - Community has been a buzzword at our church for the past year or so. And the more we talk about it, the more I realize how badly we need to live life together. So my goal is to make a habit of scheduling community, both individually and as a couple.


I realize that these goals aren't super concrete. And that's for a reason. I'm the kind of person who would spend an entire day detailing exactly what goals I want to reach over a year and then forget to look at the list until June. So I want to visit these goals monthly and create more specific goals for that month.

My January Goals:
-Clear out and organize the spare room
-Start using the bread machine again
-Implement the "one touch" rule
-Evaluate our monthly budget
-Start planning a themed party