2015: Business Goals


It was hard for me to find a word that fit what I wanted for my business this year. Growth was one of the words I considered, but I know my tendencies too well to choose that word. I'm constantly chomping at the bit to get farther, to do more, to be better, when I need to be happy with where I am now. I have big dreams and goals for CGP, but God has been showing me that I need to be happy with slow and steady growth. But I still do want growth and progress for my business this year, so I wanted a word that would represent a happy medium. Intention was the next word that came to mind, but it wasn't quite right.

And then I landed on the word rooted. This year I want to grow strong and healthy roots in CGP, a slow but purposeful process. And in order to have strong roots, I have to do a little weeding. Things like social media, procrastination and distraction, and my newsletter may need to be weeded back (or weeded out!) in order to keep myself rooted.

My goals for 2015:

To quiet social media - I want to limit my time on Facebook and I would also like to hit 600 Facebook followers and 350 Instagram followers.

To conquer the newsletter - I send a bimonthly-ish newsletter out to my clients, but it's one of the things I dislike doing the most. So this year, I either want to learn to love it for my clients' sake or toss it out the window.

To reach my booking goals - I want to book several more weddings for 2015. I want my clients to get the package and the service that they WANT, not just the minimum I have on my price list. I want to book more bridal sessions, True Beauty sessions, and anniversary sessions and sell more albums and canvases.

To be consistent in marketing - I want to blog 3 days a week, regularly submit for features, and network locally.

To finish my branding - I made some big steps in my branding in 2014 (new logo, business cards, website, and consultation gift), but I want to thoughtfully finish out the branding collection this year.

To invest in education and equipment - I will be attending WPPI in March and I have a few pieces of equipment that I'd like to purchase this year.

To leave time for the important things - I am not in business to spend 40+ hours a week at my computer. So I want to leave time in my day to go to the gym, eat lunch (not at the computer), and take care of the house.

To pray about my business - I want to trust God to bring me the couples that are right for my business. I want God's heart for my business to be my heart.

To celebrate growth - Similar to my personal goal, I want to dwell on my accomplishments instead of being discontent.

To work HARD - I want my work hours to be a bit more focused, so I get the important things done before getting distracted by the little things.


Like I said yesterday, I know some of these goals don't sound super concrete. But I want to check in monthly to make sure I'm being intentional and staying on track with where I want my business to go.