Spelling My Name

Spelling my name. Oh boy. That's always been a fun one. My entire life I've had to spell both my first and last name for everyone. And when I got married, I just exchanged one short-but-surprisingly-hard-to-spell name for another.

It seriously cracks me up how many ways there are to spell Caitlin. There's the correct Irish Gaelic spelling of course (thanks Mom!) and about a dozen other options.

Caitlyn, Caitlynn, Catelin, Catelynn, Catelyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Katelin, Katelynn, Katelyn. I've also seen it spelled Katlin. Or you could get really fancy and make it Katelynne. Or you could hyphenate. Kate-Lynn. Need I go on?

This is precisely why it doesn't bother me when the barista misspells my name. It's almost guaranteed to happen, so it's not a battle worth fighting.

And when you add all that confusion with my last name, Gerres, which sounds like Garris (not Jerris), and you have about a hundred different ways you could possibly misspell my name.