Sunshine & Raindrops: Summer Sweets & a New Project

Favorite instagram of the week: Spontaneously making popsicles (FYI, straight juice isn't the best option). I loved how the colors played off of what I was wearing.

Some recent sunshine:

- Fresh peaches and plums this week. I wish I could spend our entire grocery budget on fresh fruit this time of year!

- The rainy weather killed my yardsaling adventure before it began, but we ended up diving headfirst into the CGP office renovation. We're still deciding on a paint color, but we painted the bookshelf and moved the furniture around. Follow along at @caitlingerresphoto!

- We're also slowly working on our master bedroom as we find the pieces we need. And this weekend a French Provincial dresser sort of fell in our laps. I was so excited to pick up this piece over the weekend!

- Vendor meetings and lots of emails for TWO styled shoots this fall. I guess that's what happens when you wait 15 months to plan a new styled shoot.

- Putting more food in the freezer for the winter. Now I just need to organize it so I can find stuff!