Sunshine & Raindrops: The Florida Keys


After a little taste of snorkeling in Jamaica in 2012, Ryan and I have been itching for another tropical beach vacation. So this year we found ourselves in Marathon Key.

I love touring historic homes and seeing gorgeous architecture, but it's also really nice to not have a plan for vacation. Our entire plan consisted of a list of highly rated restaurants and snorkeling. We would figure out the rest when we got there.

Obviously, I didn't want to take my professional camera on a vacation that would mainly consist of beach days and snorkeling. So please forgive the quality of these photos. The best camera is the one you can safely take with you! And an underwater camera sounded too fun to resist!

After this trip, I definitely fell in love with palm trees. They make everything look so much prettier.

We laid in a hammock and watched the sun set over the water almost every night. It was truly spectacular.

We ate at this restaurant 3 times during our stay. It was down to earth, yummy, and right across the street from our hotel! And then we found these "bathrooms" and I couldn't stop laughing.

Our first snorkel trip was to Sombrero Reef Lighthouse and our second (and favorite spot) was Coffin Patch, which was built around remnants of an old lighthouse that got destroyed during a hurricane.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary while we were on vacation (That was good timing!) so we went out for sushi. Well, Ryan ended up with shrimp again, but I enjoyed some yummy sushi with mango, mahi, and coconut shrimp.

I could have stared at the water all day! And I'm already dreaming of our next tropical getaway!