Sunshine & Raindrops ~ A Double Wedding Weekend

This weekend was BUSY but in a great way! Whitney and Brandon's wedding day on Saturday was just perfection and I loved every second of it! And thanks to the company of my amazing 2nd shooter Amber, I loved the 4 hours I spent in the car too!

And then Sunday I did it all over again. Except for this time I was shooting for my friend Daissy and the wedding was at Founder's Inn, just a few minutes down the road from me.

Some of life's recent sunshine:

- Floating in my parents' pool.

- Being overwhelmed with fresh (and free!) produce from my mother's garden.

- Two very yummy vendor meals. A full tummy means I have energy and creativity for the rest of the evening's festivities!

- I love seeing the families just as excited for the wedding day as my brides and grooms. Especially when they're already so connected that I can't tell who's who anymore. They're all officially one big happy family and they couldn't be happier about it.

- While packing up my gear for Saturday's wedding, I realized I had added at least 15 lbs of additional gear this year, which meant two new bags to carry. And one of those bags contained a 5 lb light stand weight full of rice. I figured it would be a little easier to clean up than sand if it busted open.

- Getting caught on the road when last Thursday's crazy thunderstorm hit was not ideal, but thankfully I had made it off the highway and could pull into a school parking lot and wait it out.

I loved that Whitney and Brandon took a moment to hug their parents and grandparents before walking back down the aisle. It was such a beautiful moment for all of them! I think it should be a new wedding tradition!

Instagram of the week: I finally got my sample engagement guest book printed! 

Biggest accomplishment of the week: Two back-to-back weddings. I had a CGP wedding Saturday and then I was able to 2nd shoot for another local photographer on Sunday. I'm pretty worn out, but both weddings were beautiful and I loved capturing them! So the lack of sleep and the achy back and shoulders are worth it.

Enjoy these sneak peeks of Whitney & Brandon's backyard wedding and leave them some love in the comments!