Sunshine & Raindrops - Adventures in Greenville

This weekend we took a little road-trip to Greenville, SC to visit my brother before he graduates in the spring. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend...

Some recent sunshine:
- My brother doesn't always talk a whole lot, and he definitely doesn't share personal stories about school. But when he invites three of his closest friends to lunch with us, they do the sharing for him!
- Sighing with relief when we opened the door to our hotel room. We actually chose one of the cheapest places in town and that's always a bit scary. And then we showed up and saw how rundown the outside of all the buildings look. We were very happy to find the inside only moderately outdated!
- Completely pigging out at Mojo's, a local burger place that serves every fried side dish you could ever want. And we didn't even try them all! Next time you're in Greenville definitely stop by, but be prepared to eat clean for two months afterwards to make up for it!
- My brother didn't get the OCD planning gene like I did, so we didn't have much of a plan for the weekend. But we decided spontaneously to go ice skating and I'm so glad we did! Anything to start burning off all of those fried pickles I ate!
- Getting to see our sweet friends at Faith again. I can't believe it had been three years since we last visited! 

A couple raindrops:
- We checked the weather before packing, but didn't think to check what the lows would be. Let's just say I'm glad we didn't spend much time outside after dark!
- I had forgotten how bad drivers in Greenville were. They are the worst! Saturdays are definitely the last day of the week you want to be driving from one part of town to another and back again. Oops!