A Day with CGP ~ In the Office

It can be hard to explain what professional photographers do all day. Those in artistic service industries and those who own their own businesses probably have a little bit of an idea, but I thought it would make a fun blog post.

So here's a play by play from Monday. I didn't have a photo shoot that day, so that meant there was no work to be done right?

8:00 – I kiss Ryan goodbye. Usually he leaves around 7:45, but today he’s going straight to a client that doesn't open until 8:30. I make my morning cup of tea. While it's brewing, I take a few minutes to straighten up the kitchen.

8:12 – I head upstairs with a cup of peach tea and two apple muffins and get ready for the work day. I light a candle, turn on Pandora, and open the curtains. Then I take a few minutes to look over my big to do list and make a smaller list for today.

8:17 – I start writing Monday's blog post, which is recent tidbits of my personal life.

8:35 – I have finished the blog text, but I need a picture to go with it. I gather items that represent things I talk about in the post and take a few quick shots out on our new deck.

8:42 – I upload and edit the picture and finish the post.

8:51 – My blog post is published. I open Lightroom and start culling Saturday's bridal session. (Culling is sorting through the images and choosing the best ones to edit.)

9:29 – I finish culling the bridal session. I can’t resist spending a few minutes to edit one or two images.

9:38 – It's time to check email. I have 26 emails in my inbox. The client emails have really built up over the weekend.

10:10 – My inbox is down to 12. There are several emails still to be sent, but it’s time for a walk around the neighborhood.

11:00 – I'm back in the office and ready to finish those emails! But first I take 15 minutes to post about today's blog post on social media.

11:30 – I look over the questionnaire from my final meeting with my June 21 bride, type it up, and make any additional notes I need to remember for the wedding day.

12:00 – Lunch break!

1:00 – I pick back up with my final meeting questionnaire and send emails to the bride, the wedding planner, and my 2nd shooter for the day.

1:30 – Today is also "Duty Day" so I take care of all those little tasks that need to be done monthly – checking my calendar for June, calculating recent mileage, and checking my social media statistics among other things.

2:00 – All the big tasks for today are done so I start working on my new website. I sign up for new newsletter subscription service that is compatible with the new website and import my subscriber list. I check over the about me page. I gather images for the home page, format them, and upload. And I send a few quick emails back and forth with Ryan to make sure the home page formatting is correct.

3:20 – I'm pleased with the website’s look so I pause for a 20 minute break to read blogs.

3:45 – I check email one last time and call my mother since it’s her birthday.

4:15 – Before clocking out for the day, I spend 15 minutes editing some images from a styled shoot a couple months ago. I can't share them since they haven't been published yet, so I've been taking my time editing them.

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