Sunshine & Raindrops - Ryan's Birthday Weekend

- I love it when coupons have no minimum purchase! I'm a member of DSW rewards and somehow I earned enough points for a $10 coupon, even though I've bought maybe 4 pairs of shoes there over the last two years. Unfortunately I didn't find any shoes I couldn't live without, so I walked out with this cute little wallet. On sale plus my coupon, so I only spent $2.08.

- This weekend was another really yummy one. I had one of the best pizzas of my life, burgers on homemade pretzel buns, and chocolate birthday cake turned into cake balls. So good.

- Ryan's birthday happened to coincide with his office spa day, so Friday was definitely a wonderful and relaxing day.

- After waiting a week to order my new lighting equipment (since apparently the company takes a nice loooong break for Easter), I finally have my new one light set up. I'm excited to add this to the CGP lineup, because it is so crucial in tough reception lighting situations. And if rainy wedding days keep us trapped inside, it's awesome for that as well!

- I was so excited to go yardsaling again on Saturday, but I didn't find a single thing. Hopefully I'll have more luck in the coming months.

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