Sunshine & Raindrops - Easter Weekend

Easter this year was simple. Ryan and I had a blast at a fun Easter themed party last weekend, so this weekend we could focus on Jesus.

And that all started with a Passover Seder on Friday night. My friend Kerry wrote a great article explaining the significance of the Seder meal to the Christian, and in it, she says that after having a Seder meal "suddenly Easter Sunday was no longer a church-centered event."

I think one of the reasons I have such a hard time staying focused on the real meaning of holidays like Easter is because all of the traditions, decorations, and fun activities overwhelms the one church service focused on it.

But this weekend was completely different. There was much less "pretty wrapping" and much more focus. Jesus is not someone we worship just at church. We worship Him at home too and we did that through the Seder.

As much as I love jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, it was really nice to keep things simple and focused this year. I'm already thinking about next year's Seder and how I can take this mentality throughout the year and cut through some of the (literal) pretty wrapping surrounding Christmas.

I could go on, but I'll just say, if you have the opportunity to attend a Messianic Seder next Easter, do it!

Other Life Tidbits:

- The big family Easter picnic takes place outside every year and it was so windy we had to hang tarps up to block off a corner of the picnic shelter. I'm voting for warmer weather next year!

- Turning off work on the weekends is still a bit challenging for me. Facebook is at least 50% business for  me (if not more), so I almost have to ignore it on the weekends if I want to go completely work-free.

- It often feels like we're running in 5 different directions with house projects but we were able to get a bit of furniture painting done this weekend. Hopefully the top half of our china cabinet will finally be finished soon!