Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Reno Plans, Rings, and a Really Exciting Calendar!

- Resisting the urge to post sneak peeks from last week's stylized shoot. But I did get to share this behind the scenes photo Jess took of me.

- Since I haven't been able to see Frozen yet, I've been listening to the soundtrack, along with the music from Tangled and Enchanted. And then Enchanted was on TV Saturday morning. I love a good princess movie. Don't judge me.

- We got an anemone for the fish tank and suddenly it looks way more full. You can follow our fish tank adventures with #tank153, but my husband is usually the one posting fish pictures.

- Spending a couple hours helping friends paint their new townhouse had me itching for new projects for #ourlittleyellowhouse. As soon as tax season is over, we'll be knocking out our master bathroom reno and hopefully a little CGP office update as well.

- One of my dearest friends got engaged over the weekend and I just can't wait to hug on her!

- Now that spring is (sort of) here, I'm very excited to be shooting again! Some beautiful engagement sessions and weddings will be on the blog soon!

- My spring calendar is filling up. If you want to sneak a lifestyle family session or anniversary session in before the heat turns up, I only have 2 opening left in April and 2 left in May. ALSO, I only have 3 openings left for June and nothing open for July.

Contact me right away so we can get a date on the calendar for you!