Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Food, Fun, & Photography

- I ate some of the best enchiladas of my life this past week. I don't usually associate spinach with Tex-Mex, but it was amazing! I might have to start dragging my hubby to Abuelos.

- Kids books keep getting better and better! Did you know they make books with little plastic poppers built in that you can push in? It's like bubble wrap or those little fast food drink lids, but you can keep pushing them back and forth!

- What do you get when you cross a hair dryer, a large candle, and a tiny piece of tape? Apparently you get a fun ring shot setup. I was inspired by Susan Stripling's Creative Live seminar to think more outside of the box when it comes to my detail shots and bump them up to the next level.

- A new flash joined the CGP family! The old one was being a bit wacky and unreliable so I bumped up my planned upgrade. (I know, I'm the only one excited about this.)

- Bowling on Friday night! We hadn't been in a really long time so it definitely took a warm up to get us back in the groove. And in the 2nd game, all 4 of us broke 100! That was a big improvement on some of our 1st game scores.

- Yesterday I was able to join Jessica Stone, Amber Roberts, and many others in an amazing stylized shoot at New Kent Winery. I've only looked through a few portions of the day, but it was INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait until we get the green light to show them off and I'm very excited to see them featured!