Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Figure Skating, Face Time, and a CGP Feature

Some of the sunny and rainy moments from the past few days:

- Tax season is finally starting to get to me. Actually, I think it's a combination of seeing my husband for 15 fewer hours every week and working from home and not talking face to face with people every day. (Who would have guessed that this introvert would miss face time?) Only 44 days to go.

- Nine weeks into working full time with CGP, I've finally reached the point where I've finished almost everything that needs to be done. There are a few not-so-fun tasks that still need to be accomplished, but for the most part, this is the calm before the storm. I have a couple of shoots this month, and my wedding season officially starts the first weekend in April. So this week I'm giving myself permission to work as little as necessary to accomplish what needs to be done. I took two afternoons off last week and spent some extra time relaxing. And I plan to do the same this week while I still can. Cross your fingers that my boss doesn't notice and nix all that!

- My parents actually thanked Ryan for taking me off of their hands. Apparently their love for me is not as great as their dislike of Olympic figure skating.

- Ryan and I finally got working on our DIY pendant lighting for over our dining room table. And ironically, figuring out how to safely convert a candle holder into a suspended light was easier than getting the light kit sitting flush to the ceiling. But now that we know what we're doing, hopefully the other two pendants won't be too far behind.

- I'm very excited to have a couple of session and wedding publications lined up over the next couple of months. The first one, Keshia & Frankie's Williamsburg engagement session, was featured on On the Go Bride Thursday! Check out the whole feature here!